Reduce Anxiety With Massage Therapy

In today’s society, anxiety seems almost a normal way of life. In fact, over 40 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). However, only 37 percent of them receive treatment. Ironically, treatment is not widely sought scarce for anxiety, despite the fact that anxiety can interfere with everyday life. In its more severe forms, anxiety can be debilitating, resulting in the inability to function. Continue reading

Relief for Police Officers Who Suffer With Back Pain

If you’re a police officer, you face the daily challenges of doing a worthy job. However, no one warned you that one of the primary challenges might be back pain, most commonly known as low back pain (LBP). The truth is that back pain is epidemic among police officers. In fact, there is a high rate of disability among their ranks, with back pain being one of the primary reasons.police officers with back pain Continue reading

The Story of Acupuncture

A widespread story relates how a famous American political journalist helped popularize acupuncture in the United States. In 1971, James Reston, a renowned columnist and editor at the New York Times, got a special visa to visit China, the first in that era given to an American journalist. Sometime during the trip, Reston felt a stab of pain, which turned out to indicate a case of appendicitis. Following successful surgery in China, Reston felt post-surgery discomfort. He was treated and relieved with acupuncture.
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The Importance of an Integrated Approach to Wellness

Integrative medicine is a term used to describe the combination of modern and alternative medicine in order to treat the whole person, not just the injury or the disease. By combining modern medicine and other healing practices from around the world, practitioners are able to more effectively relieve pain, reduce stress and maintain the overall well-being of the patient.

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